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With all the graduation parties and summer barbecues coming up, now is the best time to start planning to refresh your landscaping. Remember that prior planning prevents poor projects, and that is especially true in your yard. If you have been in your home a few years, often your trees, shrubs and bushes can get a little worn and outdated, and you may also want to change the look of the yard to give it better curb appeal.

But too often, people do landscaping projects without any advance planning, and as a result, get into a landscaping quagmire.

Mark J. Baldwin of Baldwin-Gonyer and Associates, (734) 455-1350, www.markjbaldwin.com, explains that now is the best time to formulate a landscaping plan. He also said when planning, size is important.

According to Mark, "When people are planting trees and bushes, they forget that plants grow, and often they buy something that will grow too big for the space they have available in their yard."

Because of the limited space that many urban homes have, Mark also points out that homeowners might want to consider purchasing the ever-expanding number of dwarf trees and bushes available at the local nursery or garden center that look the same as large plants but are much smaller at maturity.