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Contribute to Classrooms, a new partnership between The Arizona Republic, and Arizona schools, puts the community in touch with area schools in need. Contribute to Classrooms allows schools like yours to request classroom items and volunteer services online and connects these requests with people who are willing to donate. It’s a great way to receive the volunteer help and items you need from the people right in your community. We have more than 1,000 schools in our database statewide including public, charter and private schools.

We have revamped our program so we’re starting from scratch with schools posting their wishes.

To sign up your school:

Visit and fill in the template.

By Aug. 31, the public will be able to access your school’s wish list at People can type in a keyword such as computers to see which schools need a certain item or they can type in a specific school’s name to view its wish list.

We need your help in spreading the word about this new program. We are provide fliers to post in classrooms as well as wording to include in newsletters or on school Web sites. We also want your feedback. Please let us know if your wishes are granted through the Web site.

 For more information, call Taulleto Rodriguez at (602) 444-8538 or email